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Pool construction from Surrey to Chilliwack

The Ultimate Retreat

We want to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. From traditional and contemporary, to mod-ern infinity waterfall designs, we can successfully build the pool of your dreams. Our team takes great pride in being able to build the right pool for your outdoor space by making sure that it is the correct size, shape, and material.


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Complete Pool Construction services

We will help guide you through the pool experience, from planning to open-ing day!

At Rockwest, we help you create the perfect entertaining space for friends and family. Designed to fit the needs of each individual client, your dream of summer days and nights spent lounging by the pool is possible.

Supply and Installation Services

Elegance, style and engineering are the medium by which we create your dream pool. We offer a wide range of different pool types from fibreglass, steel, and vinyl along with complete installation services.

Operating Systems

To ensure the longevity and enjoyment of your pool and spa, it is important to choose the right operating system for your specific needs. Rockwest has the knowledge and expertise to handle site preparation and installation using the appropriate operating system to best suit your requirements.

Filtration Choices

We offer a selection of different filtration that you can choose from, including salt generation systems, chlorine systems, and UV systems. While any of our systems will work well for most households, choosing the ideal filtration often comes down to the client's preference and how they would like to maintain their pool. Our team will help you pick the best system for your specific needs and budget.

Pool Covers

Built with enjoyment and safety in mind, we offer a range from fully automatic, to winter and solar covers for our client needs.

Heating Systems

Heating systems allow you to enjoy your backyard oasis throughout the year. We offer a variety of different heating systems, such as natural gas, electric, and solar power, in order to provide clients with the most economical pool heating solutions. No matter what size of pool you are looking to heat, our team can provide you with all the information needed to choose the right heating system for minimizing operating costs.

Pool Lighting

Pool and spa lighting brings excitement and spotlights the beauty of the design. All of our pool lighting options are designed to accentuate the shapes and curves of your pool at night, creating a beautiful, calming effect.

Pool Water Features

Custom features ranging from natural rock slides to stunning cascading waterfalls, our team can build these dream elements in your pool designs.

Pool Surface Finishing

Finishing the pool surface showcases the design and allows enjoyment of your pool for years to come. Our hardscape craftsmen understand how important it is to have a pool that is properly integrated into your surrounding outdoor space.

backyard pool design

The team at RockWest was amazing. They have a great passion for their work -- they approach it like artists to a canvas. ~ Jane, Langley